Letting your existing home in order to buy a new one is becoming increasingly popular especially if you cant sell your current home.

If you need to move due to job relocation or have a growing family but are struggling to sell your current property, then let to buy might just be the solution your looking for.

What is let-to-buy?

Let-to-buy is where you keep hold of your existing home and rent it out to tenants, (with your lenders permission) you are then free to move, buy a new home and get on with your life.

It is a bit like an upside down version of buy-to-let, but with buy-to-let you purchase a property and then rent it out. With let-to-buy, you purchase a property with the intention of moving into it, and you let your existing home to tenants. It’s possible that the rental market in the your area is pretty healthy, and you might be able to easily let your home for a tidy sum. The private rented sector is booming.

You might want to buy a new home but hold onto your existing property because you think it will rise in value over the long term or perhaps you might move back there one day. Let-to-buy is particularly popular with those who are relocating for work and want to purchase a property in their new location.

A handful of lenders offer specific let-to-buy mortgages, which are designed exclusively for this purpose. This makes sense as with let-to-buy you effectively switch your existing residential mortgage to a buy-to-let deal, which is worked out based on the expected rental income of the property, not on your income. This frees up your actual income, allowing you to take out a new residential mortgage on your new home.

Let-to-buy is a tempting option for many home owners wanting to move, but it is also a niche market where many exclusive deals are done through a mortgage broker, so professional mortgage advice is crucial. We understand how this type of mortgage works, plus we know which lenders will allow a let-to-buy.


  1. Liase with your current lender on your behalf to obtain consent to let.
  2. Obtain a lenders Mortgage Agreement in Principle/Mortgage Promise for you for your new property.
  3. Complete, or help you with your new mortgage application form.
  4. Help you with all paperwork relating to your let to buy and your current lender.
  5. Recommend a competitively priced Solicitor and deal with all legal paperwork relating to your purchase if required.
  6. Once your mortgage new offer is issued, I will go through your mortgage offer with you to ensure all the details are correct and that you are happy with the offer.
  7. Recommend a bespoke insurance package tailored personally for you.

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