I am a firm believer in insurance, unfortunately I have seen and dealt with several death claims for my clients over the years and dread to think what might have been. Don’t leave it to chance.

No one wants to think about dying but the truth is, at some point, we all will. The big question is when? If we knew that, it would make life a lot easier to plan for.

Most people, me included believe that we will live to a ripe old age, see our kids grow up, pay off our mortgage and enjoy our hard earned retirement, wouldn’t that be great, and for many people that’s exactly what happens, but as we all know, it’s not always the case.

The reality is, many people die unexpectedly, or through illness and accidents every day, I’ve know many people, friends and family this has happened to. What about you ?



Life insurance can provide a specified lump sum to repay your outstanding mortgage/debts ensuring your loved ones can keep the roof over their heads if you’re no longer there to provide.

It can also provide a regular monthly income for your dependants; this is great cover if you have school age children or a partner that relies on your income.

The amount of money paid out depends on the level of cover you buy.

I don’t think that you can realisticly rely on the government to take care of your family – the money they would get from the state is much lower than you’d probably expect. If you want to provide for your family financially if you die, life insurance is a must.

The price you pay for a life insurance policy depends on a number of things. These include the amount of money you want to cover, the length of the policy, but also your age, your health, your lifestyle, and whether you smoke.

If you have an employee package that includes ‘death in service’ benefits, this will cover you for a multiple of your salary and you may not need additional life insurance. Our no obligation review will work out if this policy is enough to cover your needs and whether or not you need any additional cover. Bear in mind if you stop working for that employer, you won’t be covered under their policy any more.


Critical illness cover, also known as critical illness insurance, is a long-term insurance policy to cover specific serious illnesses listed within a policy. Should the worst happen, it gives a tax-free ‘lump sum’ – a one-off payment, to help pay for your mortgage or rent, debts, or pay for alterations to your home such as wheelchair access should you need it, but it’s your choice how you spend it.


  1. Arrange a convenient private and confidential appointment to suit you.
  2. Complete a full insurance fact find to assess your needs.
  3. Advise and recommend a bespoke affordable solution tailored to you and your needs.
  4. Give you full detailed quotes, Key Features and Benefits booklet so that you can make an informed decision.
  5. Complete, or help you with your application form.
  6. Deal with the insurance company until your policy is issued.
  7. Advise and deal with any trust forms required free of charge.

Once your policy is issued, I will go through the policy with you to ensure all the details are correct and that you are happy with the cover.

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