image8355Buildings and contents insurance is normally referred to as home insurance. It can be a combined policy or bought as 2 separate policies, that will cover damage to the house or its contents. Buildings Insurance is essential and will be a condition of a mortgage and although contents insurance is not compulsory it is strongly recommended.

Buildings Insurance

This insurance covers your house in case of damage. Typical examples of cover would include damage caused by storms, floods or fire. smoke or explosions, water leakage/burst pipes, subsidence, or even vandalism.

Contents insurance

This covers the contents in your house which are not fixed to the property, for example your furniture, jewellery, appliances and clothing. Most contents insurance policies will cover the contents of your refrigerator, freezer and garden shed and give you the opportunity to insure items away from the home.

Why do I need this type of insurance?

Mortgage providers will make Buildings Insurance compulsory to ensure their security is adequately protected. Contents insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended, what would you do if all your possessions were lost in a fire and you didn’t have contents cover?.

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