If this is your first venture into the buy to let market or you are a professional landlord, I can help.

What represents the best buy to let mortgage for you will depend upon your personal circumstances. I offer advice on buy to let mortgages for the accidental landlord right through to the professional, portfolio, buy to let landlord.

The downturn in interest rates on deposited money coupled with the erratic performance of the stock market and new pension legislation have led to a very buoyant upsurge of interest in buying residential property to rent out. Couple this with gradual but consistent increases in rental returns and it is easy to see the reasons for rising demand.

The demand for rental property is rising fast; one of the main reasons is that it is now even harder for people to get onto the housing ladder. Stringent high street lending criteria and lending based on affordability have taken home ownership out of many peoples hands; there has never been a better time for Buy to Let.

There are many buy to let mortgages available but not all will be suitable for every investor.

There is an important difference between a buy to let mortgage and a standard home loan. Most lenders will consider the potential rental income of the property in addition to your salary when making their assessment of your application.


  1. Work out how much you can borrow based on the rental income of the let property.
  2. Obtain a lenders Mortgage Agreement in Principle / Mortgage Promise for you.
  3. Complete, or help you with your buy to let mortgage application form.
  4. Recommend a competitively priced Solicitor
  5. Once your mortgage/remortgage offer is issued, I will go through your mortgage offer with you to ensure all the details are correct and that you are happy with the offer.
  6. Recommend a bespoke insurance package tailored personally for you.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate some buy to let mortgages.

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